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Claire is made of brawn, sleepy, and fury. With a dash of new school.


Tom is made of rubies, milkshakes, and everything nice. With a dash of Armageddon.

Ross is made of books, earl grey tea, a bit of Vincent Van Gogh, a little music, a dash of The Doctor, and the barest thing of magic all mixed together during a napalm fiesta.

Hadas is made of books, Jazz, and everything nice. With a dash of Jeopardy.

Gillian is made of Fantasy, spinach, and honesty. With a dash of hentai.

^Have fun with your spinach and hentai XDD

Becca is made of books, lemon, and rainbows. With a dash of karaoke.

Stephanie is made of comedy, stupidity, and rainbows. With a dash of flamethrowers.

…this is actually fairly legit.

Alycia is made of Alycia is made of brawn, bananas, and desperation. With a dash of karaoke.

This is too funny! XD

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    CAPTAIN AMERICA VERSION bucky barnes is made of man, hyper, and rivalry. With a dash of GAME OVER. steve rogers is made...
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    "Hilda is made of Goth, flowers, and rainbows. With a dash of new school." not so sure it knows.
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    "Ryan is made of smiles, erasers, and shotguns. With a dash of GAME OVER." it knows
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    "Zoe is made of girl, family, and lightning. With a dash of hentai."Oh god
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    Leah is made of bronze, Folk, and moonlight. with a dash of James Bond. …how does it know….
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    there-needs-none is made of flowers, oatmeal, and happiness. With a dash of naptime. Basically, except maybe with less...
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    Ronnie is made of pens, hammers, and kindness. With a dash of cuddles.
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    Caitlin is made of wood, sugar, and earthquakes. With a dash of naptime.
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    Emma is made of power, Pop, and bewilderment. With a dash of James Bond.My name is Bond. Emma Bond.
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    I’ll go for it… Creativity/imagination, genuineness, and carefree spirit. With a dash of pure heart. And sensitivity. :)
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    Jacqueline is made of skulls, creativity, and kindness. With a dash of T-REX.
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    K— is made of apples, foxes, and volcanoes. With a dash of Bear Grylls. TRUER WORDS.
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    CastleinaBox is made of hyenas, gonads, and moonlight, with a dash of explosions. That’s scarily accurate. Crap, they’re...
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    Soul is made of Punk, copper, and shadows. With a dash of Oregon Trail SC is made of flour, milkshakes, and servitude....